A highly specific design solution, even more finely tuned with the use of ProfilitTM Glass Walling Systems.

The Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy at the Clayton Campus of Monash University was designed by Architectus, Melbourne. The project won the 2009 award for public architecture from the Australian Institute of Architects.

With highly specific and stringent scientific criteria to meet because of the sensitivity of the equipment the facility was to house, the design response became a building of ‘layers’. The choice of glass in the form of self-mullioning and self supporting ProfilitTM panels as the primary external cladding was extremely practical as it created the inert environment for the electron microscope.  The choice of glass in the form of ProfilitTM internal panels cocoons and creates another level of protection for this highly sensitive environment.

Maximising the enjoyment and interaction of the scientists working within the space was also achieved with ProfilitTM internal panels, creating light filled and serene environments that provide filtered natural light and connection to the external space. Feedback indicates that those working in the space enjoy its attributes and benefits in ways they have never before experienced in a laboratory environment.

All this is achieved within a design context that has the building fit seamlessly and attractively within the university’s existing environment.

A collaboration from start to finish, UFORM assisted the architect, builder and engineer throughout all stages of the highly technical building project to ensure every aspect of the specifications were met with the necessary fine tolerances.

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