Product specifics

  • ProfilitTM is a glazing system consisting of U-shaped profiled glass, and supplied as a glass and framing system for facades and internal partitions.
  • Stylish yet highly durable, ProfilitTM allows diffused light to enter the building while presenting a translucent external appearance on the building façade.
  • ProfilitTM can be installed as a double wall (and in single layer for specific applications) for extra thermal and sound insulation.
  • The panels have been manufactured in single lengths of 3.0 m to 5.8 m, and the joints between panels can be configured horizontally or vertically.
  • The channels glass are manufactured in single lengths of 3.0 m to 5.8 m. Depending on wind load, they can span up to 5.0 m in double configuration between supports (depending upon engineering).
  • Please consult with UFORM for details on spans and safety requirements.

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